Does Water and Vinegar harm hardwood floor?

I’ve heard vinegar is a good solution to cleaning but I am a little skeptical. Would vinegar harm the hardwood because of the acidity?

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  • jamand:

    Just mix a small solution of vinegar into the water 5 parts water to 1 part vinegar.

    If you don’t want to darken the floor anymore than it is – use distilled vinegar.

    Then just wipe over with a soft lint free cloth

    There is a very good book called 1001 things to do with vinegar – on sale in Matalan for about £3.00

    Lots of useful tips in there

  • dave_uk06:

    Dont do it!!!..your house will smell like a rancid chip shop

  • older than dirt:

    First never use water on a hardwood floor it will stain it black Call a floor company and ask a knowledable employee or the owner and ask him
    (or her)

  • Marcus:

    It wouldn’t do anything to the wood, it would eat the surface sealant.

    You couldn’t wax or varnish without sand grinding the vinegar off the surface or any new application would fail to bond to the surface.

    I think you are right to be skeptic and best bet is call a professional cleaning company.

  • wayne c:

    The following water/vinegar solution will do a good job cleaning hardwood or polyurethane-coated hardwood floors:

    1 cup (250 ml) white vinegar
    1 gallon (3.8 L) warm water

    Fill a bucket with the warm water then mix in the vinegar.
    Damp-mop the floor using as little of the solution as possible then dry with paper or cloth towels. Avoid leaving excess water on the floor that could work its way into small openings and cause the wood to swell and crack.

    An alternative procedure would be to fill up a plastic spray bottle with the vinegar cleaning solution and spray it on the floor. Then dry with a terry cloth mop or with paper towels.

    This will not shine the floor, it will just clean it.

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