Do It Yourself, Shampoo/Detail Car Carpet $1 “WOW” Want to clean your car carpet without having to pay the high cost. You can clean, remove stubborn stains and deodoriz…

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    • lalathaqueen100:

      cool ima try it :-)

    • sonyabeonit:

      <3…Having kids is a hard job in keeping the car carpet clean, it really
      works…Thanks for watching be blessed 😉

    • Annette Mitchell:

      Thanks for this video, who would have thought to use something so common to
      clean carpets : ) Thanks Sonya for another wonderful and helpful video,
      keep them coming!!!

    • sonyabeonit:

      <3 Thanks for watching be blessed 😉

    • sonyabeonit:

      That’s what I’m talking about 😉 saving money, hope you try it, Thanks for
      watching be blessed 😉

    • kspangler1977:

      I love your videos. I am definitely gonna try this :-)

    • sonyabeonit:

      <3..I love you for watching, be blessed 😉

    • sassimami08:

      Girl i love your channel..i was wondering did you spray this on the
      dashboard as well..i usually use Tuffstuff..its about $5 at dollar general
      but i love the smell..reminds me of new car smell and helps repeal stains
      as well..and as a mama thats part of my goal..imma give this a go tho cus
      money can be ur vids

    • sonyabeonit:

      No I did not spray it on my dashboard, I do not recommend spraying on your
      dashboard because it could cause discoloration from the sun. I will
      occasionally spray my cup holder and console for hard to reach stubborn
      stain, FYI :-) , I have used Tuffstuff and you’re right it does make the
      car smells good. I promise you the $1 cleaner is the same stuff and you’re
      going to be amazed of the smell and performance,keep me posted on how it
      worked for you.. Thanks for watching, be blessed 😉

    • Dwayne:

      Thank you so much for this video. I called two car detail places yesterday
      and one place said $80 and the other place said $65 for interior cleaning.
      I can’t afford that. I am going to use your method. Thank you so much.

    • sonyabeonit:

      I know it can be expensive in having your car detailed, I love showing
      others how to save money and how to do things for themselves; it’s a lot
      cheaper and self rewarding. Come back and let what you think, thanks for
      watching be blessed 😉

    • 1CreativeMommy:

      HAHA!!! THE CAR WASH♪ ♫ Such a good trick…thanks for the info:) You know
      foam glass cleaner was my Grandma’s secret for her carpet for years…shhh
      don’t tell her I told LOL

    • Jessica Zamora:

      grrr…just left my comment on wrong vid. I can’t see the vid :/ I only
      have my cell

    • Donald Long:

      that’s great

    • Donald Long:


    • Donald Long:

      1 dollar


      Ms. Sandra, I love how you take pride in what God has blessed you with and
      how you keep it clean. Since I found your channel yesterday, I have
      started organizing and cleaning like crazy. And now I even want to clean
      my car myself and stop depending on detail shops so much. Your videos are
      a blessing to everyone and especially young women!! As a 27 yr. old woman,
      i’m learning how to keep my car clean myself for a fraction of the cost!!
      Thanks Ms. Sandra; you are a blessing. Have a blessed day!

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