DeepClean Essential 8852

With the BISSELL DeepClean Essential Carpet Cleaning System you can easily get out the embedded dirt, stains, allergens*, and odors that vacuums can’t reach….

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    5 Responses to “DeepClean Essential 8852”

    • MsWaverlyplace:

      This is the worst carpet cleaner I have ever wasted money on. The brushes
      do not scrub. The water does not get picked up. The Heat Wave technology
      is completely ineffective and rendered my hot water totally cold within

      I thought there may be a problem with the scrubbing brushes since they did
      not scrub. When I tried to check the belt, the cover for it was under such
      pressure that one slight pul may it virtually explode from the machine.
      The belt was so tight there was no way to run it or remove it at all.

      Don’t waste your money.

    • Donnie Montesano:

      Well the heat wave is not so effective , other than that mine works fine
      for a studio apartment 425 square feet of carpet never looked so good. I do
      a cold water rinse after a cleaning to get all the residue of the solution
      out. Better results prevail.

    • Donnie Montesano:

      The vacuum exhaust creates the heat to the solution tank, there is no
      internal heater. helps a little bit.

    • kanchan grover:

      Aaaaaawwsome I love it 

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