Decorative Concrete Condo Deck Osage Beach MO Acid Stained Faux Tile Flooring Lake Ozark MO Custom Concrete Design – Specializ…

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    • Sal Corso:

      That is an awesome job Rick! I can’t believe how the concrete looks like
      real tile. You definitely do some of the best custom concrete work that
      I’ve ever saw. Would like to see the process of taping, spraying the
      texture coat and pulling the tape up. Great job brotha!

    • GetPaid2WatchVideos:

      wow Rick,awesome work man! It turned out really nice.

    • MrCustomConcrete:

      Thanks Sal, I know right alot of the people at Mystic Bay Condo complex
      would come by on their way to their boats down by the water and they were
      like what are ya doin laying some tile… haha, the homeowners LOVED IT!!.
      they said the neighbors were coming by after I left to look at the finished
      product and still couldn’t believe it wasn’t tile.. I did that Job by
      myself, on the next job with some help, I’ll have them do some filming for Appreciate you stoppin in to leave a comment,

    • MrCustomConcrete:

      Thanks Getpaid2watch Video’s glad you like it, turned out Awesome!!…
      thanks for looking and commenting.

    • Cati Ellen:

      Wow, that looks awesome! I just stumbled upon this video after watching
      another video of someone painting a faux wood floor. Very nice job!

    • MrCustomConcrete:

      oh Thanks so Much Cati Glad you found the Video and Like my work, alot of
      people see my Video’s but not many comment, thanks for stopping in to take
      a look.

    • Andy Franklin:

      You always do amazing work Rick – Beautiful project!

    • Rick LaFata:

      Just joined this community, not sure where to start so here I am seems as
      good a place as any. Got here by way of youtube and Darrel’s Video’s hoping
      to learn and interact with everyone. I do have a Video that seems to be
      going Viral for some reason not sure exactly why, maybe you all can take a
      look at it for me and give me your insight as to some reasons its getting
      so many Views.

    • Rick LaFata:

      I just joined the group and wanted to see if I could get some comments,
      Likes, Views on this Video, thank you all in Advance, please leave me your
      Video as well and I will will return the Favor.

    • MrCustomConcrete:

      Thanks Andy, you as well my friend!!….I’m learning from the best!

    • Patrick Whitson:

      Beautiful work Rick. I like how you take the viewer through each of the
      steps along the way to the final product. I second what Sal said…show the
      taping, texture coating and then pulling the tape. :-)

    • Chris Cannon:

      Great work, Really impressive!

    • MrCustomConcrete:

      Thanks Patrick, I will try and do that Next time, I just need a Camera Man!

    • MrCustomConcrete:

      Thank You Chris… Appreciate you stoppin in and leaving me some feedback.

    • Michael Martin:

      Great Work! Looks Awesome

    • MrCustomConcrete:

      Hey Michael, thanks for the comment, my clients just loved it… they sent
      me a picture of what they wanted, and I said ok I can do that…but I’ll do
      it better!! and guess what I DID!!…. they were super happy!!

    • Eric D Turk:

      Great Job – Love the look

    • Chris English:

      This is one of my favorites. Definitely recommend Rick to anyone that wants
      work done in Missouri. Awesome job..

    • lavonn simmonz:

      Hey, nice job wat colors did yu use?
      Lavonn of in jax fl

    • lavonn simmonz:

      So the acid stain penetrated pretty good even on top of an intregal color??
      Are you using EC products?

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