Bona Traffic Wood Floor Finish Roller Application

Today we are applying Bona Traffic Waterborne Wood Floor Finish to a hardwood floor that was just abraded with a Bona Conditioning pad. We are applying the B…

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    3 Responses to “Bona Traffic Wood Floor Finish Roller Application”

    • Bona España:

      Beatiful looking parquet, great product to protect it, thanks !

    • Greg Brophey:

      What type of roller would you use for Bona Woodline? I am having problems
      with the finish and have contacted Bona as well as distributor, but no one
      wants to step up to the plate and tell me the finish is bad. I used some on
      two other floors and it came out great. Too thick, as I was told this new
      roller could be used for oil. Bona said no. For some reason, too many bumps
      and what looks like pieces or clumps of varnish in this coat. Can I thin it
      a little with min. spirits? Appreciate any help.

    • Eliana Gambarra:

      BONA TRAFFIC NO BRASIL – SÃO PAULO – Empresa especializada em aplicação do
      Bona Traffic e todos os produtos Bona ,Polibempisos e Revestimentos SC Ltda
      55.11.7817.6749 e 55.11.3791.8624

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