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Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing procedure: Refinishing hardwood floors is a very detailed work and requires many years of experience that deals with and tackle many variables and factors in the floor environment including old wood floors vs. new unfinished wood floors, misture issues ,age and the type of hardwood floors your dealing with; such as Pine hardwood floor, Oak floor, Ash floor, Maple floor, Mahogany floor etc., and most important the proper pressure and techniques when using a heavy drum sanding machine that if not used properly it could damage the wooden floor,that why you should look for an experienced and professional floor re-finisher. On the surface, hardwood floor refinishing is a multistage process. First, you must examine the floor for raised nails staples, carpet tacks, and the like and then sand the old finish off of the floor starting with coarse faze; moving up to fine and finer coarse drum sanding. Next, after you clean up and vacuumed all the dust created by sanding, it’s on to staining. Sometimes, the staining step is skipped to leave the floor with a “natural” look or honey color. Finally, we move on to sealing and finishing the floor with polyurethane which could be of water or oil base finish. After first coat is applied and dry, a second coat and maybe a third if desired is applied.

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