Angle Angle Laminate and Vinyl Flooring Installation Tips This style of flooring installation, angle angle, is the most common for “floating” laminate and viny…

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    • Floors To Your Home (.com):

      Thank you, Eric! It’s Supreme Click Elite Waterproof Vinyl Plank
      Battlefield Oak! The direct link is now in the description under the video.

    • John Carter:

      Do these waterproof planks expand or shrink when it gets hot or cold? I was
      looking into these planks but am not sure about the cleaning ability eg:
      scuff marks or scratches from large dog. How do you remove marks that are
      on them. I seen them in a small shop that had marks on them that dont seem
      to come off when moped. Is there a way to clean marks of them. If there is
      then I would look at it more positively. There doesnt seem to be any talk
      about removing marks of these planks.. Good Video

    • Floors To Your Home (.com):

      Hi, Mr. Carter, These floors do expand and contract, but minimally, less
      than what is expected of laminates, to give a comparison. For scuffs, there
      are two things that could mean. One involves a scuff made by something
      leaving residue of itself on the floor. In this case, use procedures that
      would be standard for any vinyl floor, because aside from the construction,
      that’s what Supreme Click Elite is.

    • Floors To Your Home (.com):

      What people use is either a special vinyl floor “eraser”, a mixture of
      baking soda and water, thick enough to be called a paste, or WD-40. Each of
      these would be applied to the floor, and then rubbed in a circular motion
      with a white cloth. The other type of scuff is actually the removal of a
      thin layer of the vinyl surface, like a thin scrape. Neither scuffs of this
      sort nor scratches in the surface can be fixed by cleaning – that’s just
      damage. In that case you would replace the plank.

    • Floors To Your Home (.com):

      It may be that for some dogs, this is not going to be the best floor. My
      customer service people could go into detail with you regarding your dog
      and whether this is a good choice, or what you may look for instead. They
      aren’t hard sell people, they really will just answer your questions, so
      feel free to call. Our number is at the website in the description (sorry
      for the runaround – many things aren’t allowed in comments!)

    • Michael Beardsley:

      How do you deal with the edge in a doorway, the edge up against a bath tub,
      and the edge facing tile? Do those edges get glued down? Great video by the
      way. Thanks.

    • Floors To Your Home (.com):

      Michael, you don’t want to secure this kind of flooring down, because it
      must be allowed to expand and contract. When laminate flooring meets any
      edge, you would leave a small gap, created by installing the flooring up
      against spacers, rather than going right up against the vertical surface.
      This allows the material to expand and contract with moisture and
      temperature changes. It is the same with hardwood flooring. Over or across
      any gap you would then install a piece of trim.

    • Flooring Scottsdale:

      We don’t carry this line. Will this hold up in the heat in an Arizona room
      here in Scottsdale AZ ?

    • Floors To Your Home (.com):

      We used the Supreme Elite Vinyl for this demo, and it has no listed temp.
      limits, but with average highs getting up to 105 in some Julys (‘Julies’?),
      you might want this to be in a ‘climate controlled environment’ – air
      conditioned. The elite responds normally to the environment, expanding and
      contracting, which you handle in installation anyway, but it is recommended
      to not be installed over heated flooring set higher than 92 degrees.

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