Acylic vs Polyurethane for Guitar Painting

This video is intended somewhat as a followup to the Nitrocellulose vs Polyurethane discussion that I posted recently. In this episode of paint talk, we disc…

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    5 Responses to “Acylic vs Polyurethane for Guitar Painting”

    • MLGxThexGriz:

      Hey Brad I’m working on a painting one of my projects the primer im using
      is cracking.. im using rustoleum automotive gray primer… what could I be
      doing wrong?

    • Simon Rhiger:

      Thanks, very helpful video, you answered a lot of things i had been
      wondering about

    • Rene Contreras:

      Thanks for your videos Brad! Have you ever sprayed the acrylics through a
      preval unit? I dont have acces to a spray rig and i’m contemplating using
      that for colors on my guitar. I just want to know how to reduce it in the
      preval and how long to wait between coats if i’m not using a heat gun.

    • Michael Young:

      Hi brad. If im trying to paint a xbox cintroller and i wanna use a spray
      gun to spray polyurethane clear coat. How long should the spray pattern be
      since the xbox controllrr is so small

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