5 – The easy way to finish a T&G Pine Ceiling with polyurethane

I wanted to finish the wood of the ceiling to protect it from moisture and yellowing and so before sealing it, I wanted to add some color with some creative …

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    14 Responses to “5 – The easy way to finish a T&G Pine Ceiling with polyurethane”

    • crazy8offroad:

      that looks good man

    • charlie bronson:

      great job !!! i really really enjoy your videos

    • David Hammon:

      Turned out looking good…

    • rsawyer05:

      Looks great Adam! I really like the alternating stained boards. Great work
      on the finish. I feel your pain with polyurethane the end result is all
      that matters. :)

    • TheKyridgerunner:

      WoW… That looks Awesome…

    • LegendaryWorkshop:

      Ceiling’s looking good Adam. Can’t wait to see the finished room! How far
      back were these recorded? You insulated/heated for the winter?

    • Brad Fisher:

      this looks so good I want to go get my bowling ball and roll is down the
      lanes (if they weren’t upside down)! great videos keep them coming.

    • DynamitePants:

      I came across a drill attachment for cleaning rollers.
      Spin it inside an empty box or bucket to centrifuge the paint off.
      There’s one for brushes too!
      Bound to be videos of it.

    • Cash Johnston:

      That ceiling turned out so awesome. It is cool how the alternate staining
      of the boards accentuates the length of that narrow room. Just cool! I am
      excited now to watch how the floor and side/window walls turn out.

    • Dave Holmes:

      From someone that WILL NOT POLYURETHANE ANYTHING, This looks really great,
      nice thinking outside the box to turn the poly application upside down.

    • whimpey109:

      Passing lightly over themsurface with a fine sandpaper is more than enough
      to get it sanded and shave off the “beard” of your pinewood ceiling! It
      will take you no more then half an hour! Coating over it without sanding
      will do you no good!:(

    • whimpey109:

      This coating you use it very resistend for scrubbing because of walking on
      it! For a ceiling you can use everything to make it get a shiny glossy
      look! Like bee-wax! That stuff smell better than polyeurithane! A simple
      varnish had done the job too!! Now it is a bit the world upside down to me!

    • whimpey109:

      These rollers do a great job! With paint they spray alot so you have to
      cover that what you don’t want to be painted! My wife loves them and
      recently painted most of the walls of our house in no time! I spent more
      time cleaning after she was ready!:-):-):-)

    • whimpey109:

      That must have been a high weekend sniffing that much if solvents!!!

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