Polishing Wood Floor Tips

i dropped alcohol on my wood floor and now its white where the alcohol spilled. how do i get the floor back to its original color?

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Hardwood Floor vs Laminating Flooring

I have been hearing that floating floor are much better in insulating noise. But, my flooring store tells me that is only true when it is installed over a thick layer of concrete. And that is why it is used in the apartment buildings.

He tells me that when installed over a sub-floor of plywood, the nail down type may indeed be better, and certainly not worse.

Fixing Polished Timber Floors From Scratches

Have scratches on them from moving furniture and dog claws. Is there a cheap way of covering the scratches?

Hardwood Floor Installation

installing nail-down hardwood floors.

What kind of wooden flooring would go with cherry doors?

I have cherry (dark, reddish) wooden doors in my house and wanted to get lighter coloured wooden flooring. What kind of wood should I go for?

What would happen if I install wood flooring on an uneven floor?

My floor is not very flat I have high spots and low spots and wonder how this will affect the new wood floor. The new floor is 3/4 oak and is about 2 – 1/4 wide. I expect gaps but heard that you can use subfloor glue where the floor is uneven and fill teh gaps with wood filler. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.

How to un-polish a wooden floor, help please!

Well someone was polishing in our sitting room, and we have wooden floors. The polish has gone on the floor and made it extremely slippy and it hasn’t gone for a week! It’s really dangerous especially when we are rushing about trying to sort the baby. Any idea how to make it less slippy?? We only have one pair of slippers! Thank you. :)
Don’t have a rug Pom. :( And we’d have to buy like 20!

Coating Timber Flooring – Part 1

How to Coat a Timber Flooring – Part 1 – Choosing a Finish

Ymer™ for polyurethane dispersions

Features and benefits of a unique non-ionic diol as a dispersion monomer in PU Dispersions at ECS 2013, preseted by Michael Austin, Market Development Manage…

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    Timber Shed Paver Floor

    We’re setting pavers on the concrete slab inside the Timber Shed to create a rustic looking floor inside there …

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      How to takeoff Flooring using Cloud Takeoff

      Learn how fast and easy you can measure and takeoff flooring from blueprints using Cloud Takeoff. go here to take a 14 day free trial http://www.cloudtakeoff…

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        Door Polyurethane

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          Flooring Nailers Introduction | Lumber Liquidators

          What’s the right flooring nailer for your new hardwood floor? This video will help you learn how to select the correct nail gun for your new hardwood, lamina…

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            Harbor Freight – Central Pneumatic 25 Ft. Coiled Polyurethane Air Hose Review

            Originally recorded April 17, 2014. This is a review of the Harbor Freight 25 Ft. X 1/4 In. Coiled Polyurethane Air Hose, Item # 00047. This hose is really n…

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              How to choose the correct Timber floor care system

              To view more of Peerless Jal’s product range please visit our website – http://www.peerlessjal.com.au/

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